Thursday, April 17, 2014


Huan Wu

Assistant Research Scientist


Phone: +1 301 405 3395
Primary College/Department: CMNS-Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center
Office Location: M-Square Research Park
Building: 950
Room#: 3037



Dr. Huan Wu received his PhD degree in remote sensing in hydrology from Peking University in 2007.His research interests are in drawing quantitative descriptions of the land phase of the hydrological cycle using geospatial information technologies (Remote Sensing, GIS etc.), to improve the understanding of hydrological processes and associated model predictions at different spatial and temporal scales. Huan began as a Research Associate for ESSIC/NASA GSFC in June, 2010 and promoted to be an Assistant Research Scientist in Dec, 2012, working with Dr. Robert Adler on global real-time flood forecasting using multiple satellite based precipitation data (e.g. TMPA) and hydrological models. Before he joined ESSIC, Huan worked at School of Forestry & Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana, as a Post-Doctoral hydrologist, where he developed hydrologic and runoff-routing model and approaches for predictions of spatially distributed hydrological variables particularly for streamflow and stream temperatures, in the context of linking climate change with hydro-ecosystem.


Journal Referee

Water Resources Research; Journal of Hydrology; Journal of Geophysical Research; Hydrological Sciences Journal; International Journal of Climatology; Environmental Research Letters; Journal of Hydrometeorology; Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing; Hydrology and Earth System Sciences; Environmental Modelling & Software; PLOS ONE; Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics; MDPI-Water; Advances in Water Resources; MDPI-Remote Sensing

URLs for describing and accessing Dr. Wu's research products

Real-time Global Flood Monitoring and Forecasting System

Is your area flooding? go to:


Historical and Future streamflow and stream temperature simulations for North Pacific Rim (NPR) and Pacific Northwest (PNW) river basins


DRT upscaled global hydrographic datasets



Google Scholar Profile

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